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Car Rental in Edinburgh with Bookingclik:

Renting a car in historical Edinburgh could not be easier. With locations at Waverley Station, or the consolidated car hire centre at Edinburgh Airport, we help you search and compare the best deals out there. From visiting Loch Ness or Stirling Castle, to St Andrews or Loch Lomond, hiring a car will make your time in Edinburgh more memorable.

Tips on Hiring a Car in Edinburgh:

  • Glasgow is only an hours drive away, so why not visit two cities in one trip?

  • Be careful of the Edinburgh rush hour and avoid areas such as Sheriffhall Roundabout and the Hermiston Junction during the hours of 07:30-09:30AM and 4:00-6:00PM

  • Mind the one-way streets in Edinburgh City, it may be best to hire a GPS to help navigate your way around

  • Things you may not know about Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh is literally a natural beauty - acts of Nature have molded how the city looks today. Edinburgh Castle sits atop an extinct volcano known as Castle Rock. Be there at 1PM, Monday to Saturday, to see the "One O'Clock Gun" which is fired from the castle. Then there's the fact that Edinburgh's landscape was formed due to moving Glaciers. The obvious tail feature from Castle Rock to Holyrood, the edge of the Royal Mile and the deep valleys on either side of Cowgate and Nor' Loch were all formed thanks to the miles of moving ice sheets during the Ice Age

  • The Royal Mile isn't a is actually one mile and 107 yards! The Royal Mile is at the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, with Edinburgh Castle at its head and Holyrood Palace at its foot. Its name comes from its tradition as a processional route for kings and queens for the last 500 years
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